Presentations and Publications

Chemical Processing

November 2017

Continuous Vacuum Filtration Enhances Zinc Oxide Process



Kingdom of Bahrain

October 2017

Solid-Liquid Separation Technology for Removing Contaminant Fines from Scrubbing, Clarifier Effluents, and Grey Water


AICHE Process Development Symposium

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

7 June 2017

Transitioning from Batch to Continuous Processes

Hear audio of the presentation!


PetChem Tech Forum

Houston, TX

19 – 20 July 2016

SOGAT: Sour Oil & Gas Advanced Technology

Abu Dhabi

20 – 24 March 2016

Framework for Selecting Thin-Cake Combination Filtration Technology for Removing Solid Contaminant Fines from Recirculating Amine Scrubbing Fluids


Chem Show

New York

17 – 19 November 2015

Solid-Liquid Filtration Trends for Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Energy Applications

Gastech Conference

Centres of Technical Excellence, Singapore

27 – 30 October 2015

Combination Filtration for Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) Reclamation Processes

Middle East Process Engineering Conference

Kingdom of Bahrain

13 – 17 September 2015

Filtration Applications for Amine, Glycol and Water Scrubbing

Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP)

December 2014

Choosing a Fine Particle Filtration System

Gas Processors Association (GPA) Europe

Madrid, Spain

17 – 19 September 2014 Annual Conference

Efficiently Removing Divalent Salts from MEG Reclamation Unit

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE)

11 -12 June 2014 Process Development Symposium

Continuous Pressure and Vacuum Process Filtration Theory & Applications

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE)

31 March  – 4 April 2014 Spring Meeting

Thinking Like Sherlock Holmes for Process Filtration Technology Selection

Petroleum Technology Quarterly (PTQ)

March 2014

Removing Salts and Contaminants in Glycol Regeneration (Co-authored with Christian Gassen, BHS-Sonthofen GmbH)

Chemical Engineering Magazine

December 2013

“Facts at Your Fingertips” Filtration Testing & Slurry Conditioning   

Middle East Process Engineering Conference

Kingdom of Bahrain

29 September – 2 October 2013

Selecting Thin-cake Candle Filters for Removing Contaminants from Scrubbing Fluids

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE)

9 – 10 June 2013 Process Development Symposium

Filtration, Cake Washing & Drying:  Lab Testing to Pilot Testing to Project Installation and Performance Guarantees

American Filtration and Separations Society

6 – 9 May 2013 Spring Conference

A Review of the Rotary Pressure Filter for the Filtration of a Liquefied Gas Slurry


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