New Book!


As my readers know, in 2015, I published the “Handbook of Solid-Liquid Filtration” by Elsevier, UK.  My new book for Elsevier, as Editor, is “INTEGRATION AND OPTIMIZATION OF UNIT OPERATIONS.” 

It is an exciting and unique book to the marketplace.  The book will present up-to-date and practical information on chemical unit operations from the R & D stage to scale-up and demonstration to commercialization and optimization.  Currently, most books look at each unit operation in a silo.  In this book, at each stage, the information presented differs as the technology and issues faced at the lab scale differ through commercialization and optimization. So, we will move from a silo approach to an integrated, holistic approach. 

As the chemical industry changes and becomes more integrated worldwide, there is a need for this information exchange.  This exchange must include not only principles of operation but practical knowledge transfer. With the rapid proliferation of technological advances and the cross- disciplinary nature of work, we need engineers who have several areas of expertise with varying degrees of depth.  This book addresses the needs of engineers who want to increase their skill levels in various disciplines so that they are able to develop, commercialize and optimize processes.   The engineers must be able to ask questions of experts to develop creative solutions.

I am looking for contributing authors who have skills at each stage of the process from lab-scale/R&D, through pilot plants to full-scale production and finally optimization or as I call it, Putting-It-All-Together. I welcome your actual case histories / war stories.  We will also cover decommissioning of plants.  Authors should be able to discuss unit operations at each stage and then relate how these technology/process decisions impacts the next stage. 

I am targeting the first draft by the end of the year.  I will provide technical guidance and assistance as well as from my associate who is skilled in technical writing along with the Elsevier requirements.  Please click here for the preliminary Table of Contents.  The book will be listed on ScienceDirect, Elsevier and others and chapters will receive individual indexing so they can be searched.  I hope you are as excited about this opportunity as I am. I look forward to hearing from you.