Becoming Uncomfortable in 2019

Welcome to 2019.   This blog marks the beginning of Perlmutter Unfiltered’s 5th year; it’s been fun writing and hearing from friends, colleagues, customers, and others from all over the world. I hope my mix of topics — innovation, leadership, and technical insight — have inspired you professionally and personally.  Thinking about 2019 and preparing … Continue reading Becoming Uncomfortable in 2019

Get Out There and Learn!

Years ago, when I was an MBA candidate at the University of Illinois, we were introduced to the MBWA (Management By Walking Around) principle. In Japan, the principle is known as “Genchi Genbutsu.” Toyota, in particular, is known for this “actual place, actual thing” philosophy. Ultimately, in all aspects of engineering — from operational efficiency … Continue reading Get Out There and Learn!

7 Key Steps in Petrochemical Safety

Attending the PetChem Technology Forum in Houston I learned from engineering, operating company, supplier and consultant industry experts. I was fortunate enough to be presenting on Filtration Technology for Removing Solid Contaminant Fines from Water Scrubbing, Clarifier Effluent and Grey Water. I discussed technologies, applications, case histories and troubleshooting in petrochemical safety. Another of the presentations addressed safety and conducting safety … Continue reading 7 Key Steps in Petrochemical Safety

So Many Choices. Where to Begin?

Selecting the right type of filtration equipment to use in liquid and solid separation is its own kind of sleuthing. With such a wide range of equipment available, and only several basic principles of solid/liquid separation (pressure, vacuum and centrifugation), there are many considerations to weigh in determining the best, most cost effective, and efficient choice for … Continue reading So Many Choices. Where to Begin?