P&IDs and Process Evolution

P&IDs are par for the course in process engineering. Recently, I was poring over P&IDs and process planning for several projects. Each project was multinational, multicultural, and extremely complex. For one specialty chemical filtration application, part of a plant expansion in the southern United States, the engineering company is in the Southeast while the existing … Continue reading P&IDs and Process Evolution

Filtration of Liquefied Gases & Caesar’s Last Breath

On the heels of my blog about “The Business of Breathing,” it’s time to talk about gas. I recently finished reading the Sam Kean book “Caesar’s Last Breath.”  For those of you who have not read Kean, his specialty is writing science books in an exciting and entertaining fashion.  His three other books focus on … Continue reading Filtration of Liquefied Gases & Caesar’s Last Breath

What Are Process Engineering Responsibilities in Technical Sales

With graduation season coming there will be many chemical engineers on the market looking for their first jobs.  There are many opportunities with operating companies, engineering companies, startups, venture capitalists (yes, engineers in the financial industry), and consulting firms. Nevertheless, my first choice is sales, so let’s flesh out a technical sales description. Why technical … Continue reading What Are Process Engineering Responsibilities in Technical Sales

Get Out There and Learn!

Years ago, when I was an MBA candidate at the University of Illinois, we were introduced to the MBWA (Management By Walking Around) principle. In Japan, the principle is known as “Genchi Genbutsu.” Toyota, in particular, is known for this “actual place, actual thing” philosophy. Ultimately, in all aspects of engineering — from operational efficiency … Continue reading Get Out There and Learn!

Transparency and the Chemical Process Industry

Transparency is good in government, public service, politics, your personal life, and — of course — in business. Think of buyers and sellers…EBay, Airbnb and Uber. We all want more transparency — especially in the current turbulent times. Transparency helps in information gathering, coordination, accountability and decision-making. But what about in the Chemical Process Industry … Continue reading Transparency and the Chemical Process Industry

Trusting your Gut

In my wide-ranging search to learn more about process engineering and SLS methods, I recently read two articles on “Trusting Your Gut” in two completely different settings. The first was an editorial for Chemical Engineering Progress by its Editor-in-Chief Cynthia Mascone. The other was in the McKinsey Quarterly, an article on “How to Test Your … Continue reading Trusting your Gut

Filtration more art than science?

At BHS-Filtration, our Art and Science of Filtration (AS0F) newsletter is now in its eighth year. Instead of experiencing a seven-year-itch, we’re perhaps facing an eight year one as I started off the latest installment wondering if filtration isn’t sometimes more of an art than a science. As we continue into 2017, the newsletter will focus … Continue reading Filtration more art than science?